Police Officer Loses It After Guy He Tickets Says “God Bless You”

NOTE: Language in the above video is NSFW.

If there’s one thing police officers don’t like, it’s definitely a smartass.

After being pulled over on his motorcycle by a Miami Beach cop because his license plate wasn’t displayed properly, Albert Valdes was ticketed and free to go. Unfortunately, he decided to wrap up his traffic violation and piss off officer Kenneth MacLeod by saying “God bless you.”

Valdes was quickly approached by the officer, who threatened to arrest him for being a “fucking wise-ass 20-year-old punk” with his sarcastic remark.

“I’ll throw your ass in jail,” he screamed to Valdes. “You want to be a sarcastic bitch? I’ll be a fucking bigger bitch!”

According to the Miami Herald, the department is currently looking into MacLeod’s profanity-laced tirade.

“Even though we don’t have a formal complaint, we are being proactive and investigating it,” says detective Vivian Thayer. “We do understand that it’s being shared on social media. But the actions of one officer does not speak for the whole department.”

Do you think the officer’s behavior was inexcusable and unprofessional? Or was it justified? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.