Security Footage Captures Distracted Police Officer Running Over a Soldier

Early Sunday morning, a homeowner’s security camera captured a soldier being run over by a police car and dragged down the street.

According to KIRO-TV, 22-year-old Emanuel Andrade was laying down in the middle of the road at around 1am in Tacoma, Washington, when a slow-moving squad car unintentionally ran him over.

emanuelIn the surveillance video, you can clearly see the officer slow down and come to a complete stop for nearly 30-seconds, with the vehicle’s headlights shining directly on Andrade, but then it quickly accelerates.

Both the front and rear tires of the patrol car roll over him before he is left motionless in the street.

“I just understand that the officer just didn’t see him,” Tacoma police spokeswoman Loretta Cool told KIRO.

Allegedly, the officer, who the department refuses to name, was in the middle of doing a neighborhood patrol and was looking down at his in-car computer screen when he ran over Andrade.

The soldier and father of two is currently in critical condition. His wife, Susana, despite not knowing why her husband was in the street, is infuriated over the incident.

“He just proceeded with running him over and dragging him down the street,” she said. “You can’t put an excuse to that.”

Andrade suffered numerous broken bones and is breathing through a tube.

“You could actually see blood coming out of his eyes,” his wife explained.

The officer will not be cited or suspended because the incident is considered an accident.