Police Searching for 12-Year-Old Girl Who Stole $4.6 Million in Diamond Heist

A robbery gang employed a young girl to help pull off a diamond heist to the tune of HK$36 million, or $4.6 million American. Police are now hunting for the girl, believed to be between 12 and 14-years-old, and the adults who facilitated the robbery of an expensive diamond necklace from a high-end jewelry shop in Hong Kong.

The heist, described as “very well planned” by detectives, involved two women, a man and the young girl. The four walked into the Emperor Jewellery shop shortly after 3 pm Friday, SCMP reports. The three adults were tasked with distracting the staff by inquiring about a series of display items.

Meanwhile, the girl stole a key from a drawer and used it to open a display cabinet and slip the necklace off a display bust and into her pocket. Officials only noticed her act when surveying surveillance tape later. Shop staff only noticed the necklace was missing and called police around 5 pm, long after the perpetrators had made their getaway.

Detectives say the girl may have quickly altered her appearance before boarding a taxi to escape. The three adults, between the ages of 30 and 40, stayed in the mall for some time, acting as though nothing had happened. The 100-carat necklace was embedded with 30 diamonds, making it worth approximately HK$36 million.

“Initial investigations suggest the girl stole a key from a drawer and then opened a display cabinet to steal the necklace when the three adults – one man and two women – kept staff busy,” police said.

Border officers will be watching for the thieves, as they expect them to flee the city soon. Read more at SCMP.