WATCH: Woman Pepper Sprays Del Taco Employees, Customers

Police are on the hunt for a woman who allegedly pepper sprayed customers and employees inside an Ontario, California Del Taco restaurant.

The incident took place on yesterday afternoon, when a woman who was upset with her drive-through order came into the restaurant to complain. She reportedly began cursing and “acting aggressively”, then allegedly picked up a bowl filled with business cards and threw it at the restaurant staff before exiting the building. The Del Taco manager followed her out to write down her license plate, and that’s when the situation took a dramatic turn.

The customer pepper sprayed the manager, and then followed her back into the restaurant where she began spraying other people — including other customers.

“I just happened to look at her and she sprayed me and the employee in the face,” said customer Rose Keith, who was holding napkins to her eyes following the attack. “I didn’t know what to think, I’ve never had pepper spray in my face. It was terrible, it’s awful.” She added to CBS in Los Angeles, “It was horrifying. It was terrible. She sprayed my face and I turned around and I couldn’t see afterwards.”

Witnesses say the woman was wearing medical scrubs, and was last seen driving a silver-colored Acura MDX, a compact SUV.

Del Taco made this statement to NBC4 in Los Angeles: “Immediately following today’s incident, the authorities were contacted and all parties involved received onsite medical attention and were released. A police report was filed and Del Taco is in full cooperation with the authorities to help identify the perpetrator.”