Tiny Poodle Saves Girl from Pitbull Attack

A brave poodle in Houston was left critically injured after he saved his 11-year-old owner from a pitbull attack. The family is so grateful for his act of loyalty that they have poured all of their savings in his medical treatment. The incident occurred in Houston when the girl, Nissa Gongora, was getting out of her mother’s car, ABC News reported.

“He was charging at me, like running and he was growling,” Gongora said about the attack.

Gongora said she screamed for help, but her mother was still in the car and couldn’t get to her in time. That’s when the family’s nine-pound poodle Bobo jumped into action, placing himself in front of the attacking dog to protect his human.

The pitbull latched onto Bobo, repeatedly biting him on his hindquarters and near his neck until Gongora’s mother was able to stop the attack by hitting the stray dog with a lawn chair. The attack left Bobo bleeding profusely and terrified.

In fact the extent of his injuries were so bad that Bobo was rushed him to an emergency vet clinic. The family feared he would die from his wounds.

Fortunately, after undergoing surgery Bobo is reportedly doing much better and is expected to pull through. Gongora’s mother, Adriana Gongora said she spent every penny the family had to cover the costs of Bobo’s treatment, but that they were happy to do so after his unflinching bravery.

“He was willing to give up his life for any of us. So we had to do the same for him. We had to find a way for him.”

The pitbull was later found and caught by animal control officers.