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WATCH: The Backyard Pool So Big You Can Scuba Dive in It

My parents have a pretty nice pool, but it can’t hold a candle to this masterpiece. This, dear readers, is the Sistine Chapel of pools.

The backyard swimming hole stretches to 140 feet in length and 60 feet wide, holding up to 360,000 gallons of water. It’s known simply as “The Mountain” and is located in Springville, Utah. The owner makes good use of all that space to practice his scuba diving in the deep end, which goes 26 feet down.

On top of the sheer size, the pool features a luxurious kitchen, washroom and bathroom. In case you get bored, roll along the lazy river, try going down the enclosed water slide or jumping off one of the five cascading waterfalls. If you don’t feel like getting wet, stroll across the elaborate rocky walkways and bridges. Need we say more?

Before you start to work making your own, keep in mind this kind of project costs up to, oh, $2 million.

The pool was featured on an episode of the Animal Planet’s Pool Master television series last year, which might as well just end now — I can’t imagine how they’ll ever top this.

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