WATCH: See How This Crazy Crash Happened

There was a crazy car crash recently at the Porsche Cup Navarra 2015, and the result was not death and destruction but the stacking up of two Porsches. Usually when there’s a collision, we see the cars drive into the gravel, perhaps even hit another car or the wall, but not in this case.

In the video above you can see how the two Porsches collided with one another in slow motion.

A bunch of cars gathered around the corner, leaving one of the Porsche cars with absolutely nowhere to go. Unable to stop, he found himself driving over another car. After unexpectedly being forced into the air, his car became stuck on the roof of his rival, which became a veritable ramp. The other racecar just drivers went about their business after the crazy spectacle happened.

This is one of the most amusing car race videos you’ll ever see. Enjoy.