This Man Murdered 35 People in a Rampage Massacre

It was in 1996 when Martin Bryant went to a local restaurant in Australia ordered, ate his food and chatted with the people that were all packed in there. Once he was finished he took out an AR-15 assault rifle and began his shooting rampage.

According to ListVerse, he chased after people shooting, then he took a hostage and headed to a local B&B. It was there where he killed three more people including his hostage. He also lit the B&B on fire. Bryant was arrested and sentenced to 1000 years in prison without parole.

Once behind bars he apparently continuously asked to know how many people he killed, becauseĀ he wanted to have murdered more that Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane massacre.

He killed a total of 35 people and injured 21.

Martin Bryan’st murder spree is known as theĀ Port Arthur Massacre.