WATCH: 50 People Share Their Deepest Secrets with Complete Strangers

Are we safer telling a complete stranger our secrets?

Sometimes, our best conversations happen with people we’ve never met before. Maybe that’s because there’s something comforting about the anonymity of the whole thing and the fact that you won’t have to forever face the judgement of their response to what you’ve said.

Telling a secret to a stranger allows a sort of freedom, a fearless honesty.

In the Postsecret video above, watch as 50 strangers confess their deepest secrets.

Their previously undisclosed responses are an interesting mix of hilarious, sad and just plain sincere.

At theĀ 3:29 mark, one girl completely pulls at our heart strings: “I’m a lot better before you really know me,” she says.

What are your deepest secrets? And would you ever dare to share them with someone?

Candy Chang Invites Strangers to Confess Their Secrets