Suffer from Headaches & Migraines? Researchers Say Smoke a Joint!

The headache center at the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute in Cleveland, Ohio has evidence pointing to potential for cannabis to be the breakthrough cure for headache disorders, including migraines.

We’ve known for a while that pot is effective in dulling pain, but migraines are usually not relieved by anything at all!

Anyone who’s ever had a migraine or regularly suffers from migraines will tell you it’s just about the worst pain imaginable. Even if they aren’t pot smokers usually, they would gladly give pot a try to relieve the unimaginable agony of a migraine headache. But now, we have to wait for the FDA to legislate it as an approved drug.

Eric P. Baron, senior author of the study showing the efficacy of cannabis published his findings in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain. In it he said:

“A review of 38 published randomized controlled trials evaluating cannabinoids in pain management revealed that 71 percent concluded that cannabinoids had empirically demonstrable and statistically significant pain-relieving effects, whereas 29 percent did not.”

Standard pain relievers don’t work on migraines and there’s been some research pointing to the fact that some pain relievers actually cause migraines to come back. It seems cannabis holds the most potential of saving the day for those of us who can barely move from migraines.

Until more research is given to this topic and the FDA sets up clinical drugs, however, doctors still don’t have the proper arsenal of information to start prescribing cannabis for headaches. That doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke it anyway! If it works for you, then by all means!

So, now we know, folks, that pot for migraine works. Now, for people with PTSD or folks who know someone with PTSD, check out this awesome video: