Mom Tries to Prank Daughter with Terrible Gift, Little Girl Loves It Anyway

They say kids these days just aren’t grateful and don’t appreciate what they’ve got. To those people, we present the sweet little girl in the video above.

Jessi Eaton tried to prank her daughter by giving her  a terrible birthday gift: a huge pair of men’s underwear. But instead of hating it, like the mom expected, the little girl was overjoyed, calling the pair of tighty-whiteys “beautiful” and trying to wear them over her head. She even told her mom it was the most special thing she had ever received from her.

Instead of the girl getting a sour surprise, it was the mom who experienced the surprise of a lifetime.

Of course the adorable little girl received real gifts after the prank, including a new princess dress, a popsicle and a Reese’s cup.

Check out the newsclip above for what has got to be one of the cutest prank fails ever .