Man’s Prank on Snooping Girlfriend Backfires Big Time [VIDEO]

Pro tip: If you’re going to prank your girlfriend into thinking you’ve been messing around with other women, make sure you do so in a place where your valuables are safe from any acts of rage that you may incite in her.

The guy in the video above didn’t think about that when he decided to prank his girlfriend into admitting that she snooped around his phone by capturing her in the act on camera. To do so, he left his phone in the living room with his girlfriend and planned a ‘fake’ amorous text to come through from a different woman.

Long story short: the girlfriend saw the text, flew off the handle, destroyed his big screen TV and stormed out.

Couldn’t he have just planned an innocent text and still caught her going through his phone, instead of putting his poor TV at the girlfriend’s mercy?

Check out the whole thing go down in the video above.