Not Just Fun & Games: 7 Reasons 2014 Made Us Hate Pranks

Here at First to Know, we love a good prank. The best of them are creative, funny and admittedly, satisfy the sadist in us.

That said, some pranks can go too far. We’re talking about the ones that could cause injuries, are mean-spirited, or could even startle someone to the point of inducing a heart-attack.

And while we can appreciate the thought that goes into elaborate jokes, it seemed 2014 was the year of the pranks that went way too far. We witnessed so many of these this year, in fact, that we’ve started to get an instant negative reaction to even seeing the word “prank” come across our screens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a harmless one — our first reaction is a cynical one. In other words, 2014 was the year that made us hate pranks.

So what exactly were some of these off-color practical jokes? The slideshow above only scratches the surface but we think it does a pretty good job of relaying why we’re not as big fans of pranks as we used to be.

Check them out and let us know if you think the pranksters of 2015 need to take it down a notch.