Prayers for Fort Hood: The Tragedy in Photos

The tragic shooting earlier this week at Fort Hood left three servicemen dead and sixteen others wounded.

The slideshow above details some the touching tributes family members and strangers have engaged in following the incident.

As more details are revealed about the course of events that took place at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, we’ve learned more about the heroic actions of the men and women present during the incident on Wednesday.

Notably, Afghanistan veteran and army Sgt. Danny Ferguson, who was killed while trying to block the gunman from entering a room packed full with dozens of military personnel. Ferguson reportedly held the door shut tight because it wouldn’t lock. A bullet penetrated the metal door, killing him, but he kept the rest of the men in the room safe from harm.

Gunman Ivan A. Lopez, an Iraq war veteran described as psychologically unsound, turned the gun on himself when confronted by an unnamed female officer, who thereby prevented many more potential casualties.

Although the ordeal is over, and the man responsible has been identified, after shooting himself in the head, the friends and families of the victims have been, of course, hit hard by the tragedy and our prayers and well-wishes go out to them.