Pregnant Dog Discovered Breastfeeding Neglected Child on the Streets

Chilean police were shocked when they were called to rescue a malnourished two-year-old child. The boy was reported by witnesses who saw him being breastfed by a pregnant neighborhood dog. Chilean news sources reported that he was reportedly abandoned outside of a mechanics shop in one of the poorest towns in Chile.
“This is a story that gives us a lot of embarrassment,” said a spokesperson from Chile’s National Service for Minors. “We do not know for sure whether this [dog] saved his life.”
The child was severely malnourished, and had lice and a skin infection of some kind.
The child was thankfully taken to a hospital for immediate medical attention, and was reportedly released. He is in the custody of child welfare authorities, and will remain so until it is decided what will happen to the boy’s parents.
Apparently the child’s parents both showed up at the hospital—the mother was drunk at the time—but neither have been arrested. While it was decided that the child did not have “physical injuries” according to reports, he did display signs of abandonment.
Both parents may face charges for child neglect, and face an upcoming court date during which custody of the child will be decided.

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