Pregnant One Direction Mega Fan Goes Into Labor During Concert

Sarah Turnbull, a One Direction mega fan, was attending a concert at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, United Kingdom, when she began going into labor. 

According to the Mirror Online, during the start of the boy band’s gig, Turnbull’s water actually broke, but because of her excitement, she had no idea anything was happening until their last song.

That’s when she made a trip to the bathroom and realized she needed to get to the hospital.

Was her baby enjoying the concert so much that he decided it was time to come out and partake in the fun?

Although not expecting to give birth for another week, just hours after leaving the sold-out concert, she brought little Thomas, named after her partner’s grandfather, into the world.

“My aim in the pregnancy was to get past seeing One Direction so I feel like I’ve achieved that even though Thomas cut it very close. I keep thinking that he must really like One Direction’s songs and that’s why he came early, he just wanted to be out and to listen to them and party with us,” says Turnbull. “The rest of my family seem to disagree and say that Thomas obviously mustn’t have been able to stand the racket any longer!”

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