Pregnant Panhandler Makes Toddler Beg for Money On the Street, Drives Off in a Benz

A pregnant woman is often found begging for money on the weekends at a San Diego shopping center. She is usually accompanied by her young son, and sometimes her husband. Her cardboard sign simply reads “help.”

It’s a sight that has touched the hearts of local passersby, moving many to give spare money to the down-on-their-luck family—that is until one customer noticed the family arrive in a nice Mercedes-Benz, according to reports.

Melissa Smith was shocked when she realized the vehicle belonged to the people asking for money, and now wants to warn locals to be on the lookout for this potential scam.

“She sits there with the sign, he goes and parks the Mercedes, and not less than five minutes—here she is getting money from all these people,” said Smith.

Smith is now questioning whether or not the woman is even pregnant.

She told KTLA that she left the parking lot behind their vehicle, watching the family laughing and counting their money. She followed the family to a different shopping center, where they situated themselves with their sign asking for money.

“These people don’t need the money, they’re driving off in a Benz,” said Smith.

Smith went to take a picture of the woman and the little boy and said the woman saw her, grabbed a large boulder, lifted it over her head, and threatened her with it.

“I don’t know if pregnant people can do that, but it was pretty big, over her head, and coming at me with this rock,” said Smith.

Another witness saw the confrontation and called 911. The woman took the child and fled the scene.

Smith showed the responding officers photos of the vehicles license plate, and they tracked the plates to an apartment unit a San Diego suburbs—however the tenants had recently moved out.