Pregnant Woman Miraculously Saves Her Unborn Baby While in a Coma

Colvina Jolina was 23 weeks pregnant when she suffered a stroke that caused her to slip into a deep coma. Because of the severity of her condition, the 27-year-old woman and her unborn child were given a 10% chance of survival by attending doctors.

While she was completely immobile in her hospital bed with her troubled family beside her, Jolina suddenly lifted her hand and touched her stomach. Her husband rushed to alert doctors that she’d been responsive and kept pointing to her unborn baby.

It turned out that Jolina’s heart rate had dropped and she wasn’t getting enough oxygen to the baby.

An emergency C-section birth was scheduled promptly thereafter, and a healthy yet tiny 3-lb. little girl named Maia was born.

A week after she’d slipped into the coma, Jolina finally woke up:

“I felt terrible,” Jolina remembers. “I had the worst headache at the back of my head. All I remember was people talking to me and rushing around me and it all sounded like mumbo jumbo to me. After they delivered [Maia] and when I finally woke up, I was told by the doctors that I was running out of time and so they had to save my baby in any way possible. I’m just so glad they saved her, she’s everything to me.”

Doctors were amazed that both Jolina and Maia survived. They were also shocked that Jolina had been aware of everything happening around her, even the fact that she’d already given birth. When they were about to introduce mom to baby, Jolina already knew Maia had been born.

Jolina, Maia and Matthew are currently living in Jolina’s mother’s house until she’s more mobile and able to care for the baby on her own. We wish this blessed family all the happiness in the world.