Pregnant Woman Plans to Use a Dolphin as Her Midwife During Birth

One woman feels so at one with nature, and specifically sea life, that the pregnant mother has planned the birth of her child to involve real-life, wild dolphins. Dorina Rosin and her partner Maika Suneagle, from Hawaii were featured on a documentary program called Extraordinary Births. To call this birth plan extraordinary seems to be an understatement.

Foregoing a hospital birth, or even an at-home birth, Dorina–who says she is a spiritual healer—plans on giving birth in the ocean. While a water birth is not so unconventional, doing one in the ocean certainly is—and that’s not all! Dorina plans to have a ‘dolphin-assisted’ birth, and hopes to have a dolphin serve as her midwife.

Experts warn against the plan, on the basis that the process of labor and childbirth will leave both Dorina and her baby vulnerable and exposed. On top of that, wild dolphins—and other sea creatures—are extremely unpredictable and pose a huge danger.

Unconcerned, Dorina insists that their baby can “speak dolphin” which makes the birth plan perfect.

Before the birth, Dorina at 38-weeks-pregnant went swimming with Dolphins as part of a birth blessing ritual.

Dorina and Maika aren’t the only parents who have a dream of a dolphin-assisted birth. In 2013, Heather Barrington and Adam Barrington made headlines for choosing the same plan.

They faced criticism at the time, many citing the fact that dolphins are wild and potentially dangerous creatures to have around a woman in labor.

In the video above, Dorina and Maika swim with dolphins during Dorina’s 38-week blessing.