Watch: Divers Discover Stunning Prehistoric Underwater Forest

Less than a mile off the Norfolk Coast, there is a 10,000 year old forest submerged and undisturbed — the last evidence of a long-lost European country. Divers only discovered the prehistoric forest after winter storms shifted thousands of year’s worth of sand on the ocean floor.


Now, the once-tall trees have been flattened and are a home to ocean life, and the BBC has released stunning footage of the hidden underwater landscape.


It is believed, based on the location of the discovery, that the forest is part of Doggerland, which once extended all the way to Germany.  Geologist Martin Warren called the forest part of a “country Europe forgot,” the BBC reported.

The land would have flooded over a period of several thousand years, but geologists believe that a tsunami flattened the land—and water levels eventually rose to completely envelope what was once miles of forest land.

Warren said:

“The more you look, the more you find. There are bound to be things that are still to be discovered.”

The discovery was made by Dawn Watson, a volunteer Sea Search diver. At first, she described seeing a wave of “black stuff” along the ocean floor. She initially assumed it was some wreckage, only later recognizing what it truly was–the remains of a flattened forest.

Check out the stunning footage of the hidden landscape in the video above.