Prince William and Duchess Kate Expecting First Child

The British family has finally announced what everyone around the world has been waiting for: The Duchess of Cambridge (you know her as Kate Middleton) is pregnant with her first child.

Very little was revealed about the pregnancy, other than it’s in the very early stages and 30-year-old Kate has been suffering from intense morning sickness and is currently residing in a London hospital. She’ll stay there for several days, then be confined to bed rest for a short period of time.

Prime Minister David Cameron was among the first to congratulate Prince William and Duchess Kate, using Twitter as his forum he wrote he was “delighted by the news” and that the two would make “wonderful parents.”

The young couple has been plagued with pregnancy rumors from the very start of their marriage. Yet, they’ve continued to travel the world to carry on their royal duties, even managing to get through their first major scandal as a married couple when nude photos of Kate surfaced in September of this year.

The child will become second in line for the royal throne after William, whether the gender is to be a boy or a girl, as established by a new set of rules in 2011, which gives females equal status with males in the order of succession. There’s a very good chance the child will one day become a monarch, Cabinet Officials reveal.