Prize Horse Slaughtered on Florida Ranch to Be Sold on the Black Market

Phedras de Blondel a show horse has been slaughtered just days after arriving at a farm in Florida. According to the Los Angeles Times, the horse’s owner discovered the dismembered remains of the nearly 1,300 pound animal not too far away from its stall.

Show horses typically sell for thousands of dollars however Debbie Stephens the ranch owner believes that the price of Phedras de Blondel has nothing to do with his slaughter. It is suspected that the horse was killed for its meat, which will most likely be sold on the black market. “What they did to this horse had nothing to do with his value,” Debbie said.

Now Debbie is trying to do everything she can to raise awareness and protect the other 50 horses on her farm. A group of people have raised $18,000 to use as a reward in order to catch those that butchered the chestnut horse.

According to the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida Horse meat is illegal in Florida however, a black market does exist.