WATCH: Producer Samples Amateur YouTube Videos to Create Stunning Songs

When you post your modest video of you fiddling around on your French horn or your ukulele or whatever instrument it is you play, you might just be serving as inspiration to the producer known as Ophir Kutiel.

A YouTube user himself, Kutiel, professionaly known as Kutiman, is an Israeli musician based in Tel Aviv uses samples from amateur YouTube videos, mostly of people playing instruments or singing, and piles them on top of each other until he’s created an entirely new song.

Trying to explain the concept can’t truly capture how stunning and richly-layered the resulting songs are, so we present one of his latest videos, the single “Give It Up,” comprised of samples from a six-year-old’s pianist and a high school brass ensemble, among others.

The single is off his upcoming album Thru You Too, which will be released on October 1.