This Is the Most Embarrassing Prom Rejection Ever

It’s prom season and the boys are whipping up creative ways to ask their ladies. While most promposals end with a yes, this one ended a little differently.

Patrick Smith took to his high school’s football field in front of almost 2,000 people to ask his classmate to the end of the year dance.

Patrick walked confidently towards his potential date and popped the question through a microphone.

“Is there any way you would want to come to prom with me?” In front of thousands of people and camera phones his fellow classmate nervously responded, “I already have a date.”

If the crowd’s reaction wasn’t enough humiliation the promposal video is now traveling through social media. However, don’t worry, the high school student got enough confidence back to ask another student to the dance. While the second time around was less public, she did say yes.

This one is going down in the books as one of the most embarrassing prom rejections ever.