Man Spends Nearly $82,000 on 99 iPhones for Proposal Only to Be Turned Down

On any given day you can find endless stories on the internet of beautiful, well thought-out and lavish marriage proposals that end in the happy couple looking forward to spending their lives together.

What we don’t see much of however, is when these proposals don’t go according to plan and the person hoping to put a ring on it ends up rejected instead. That’s what one poor guy went through recently, according to CNN.

Weibo, the Chinese alternative to Facebook, has been abuzz after the story of a man who bought 99 iPhone 6s, arranged them in a giant heart, and proposed to a woman who we assume – and seriously hope – was his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately for the love-struck guy, she didn’t say yes and left him broken-hearted and alone. At least he had all those phones around him to call his friends and family for support.

Let’s all hope he kept the receipt for the 500,000 yuan (nearly $82,000) he spent on the iPhones.