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Meet the Identical Twins Who Predict the Future

They dress alike, they look alike, they live together and they even predict the future together. Terry and Linda Jamison say they were communicating telepathically since they were in their mother’s womb.
Today they predict the future, write books and even give people psychic readings. The twins have become a phenomenon as many of their predictions have turned out to be shockingly true!
In a piece done by ABC, footage and recordings were obtained showing both women describing a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center about two years before the 9/11 attacks.
The women claim to both have spirit guides who take over their bodies. They transcribe their visions with their eyes closed onto paper.
In the footage above you see the psychic twins challenged by the reporter asking them why they do not use their readings for financial gain. They claim their gift is for the benefit of others.
The two went on a live broadcast in early January 2014 where they shared their predictions for 2014/2015, which included another royal baby and a Kardashian wedding.
You can view all of their predictions for the year here.

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