Watch: This Puppy Just Wants to Nap and It Is the Most Relatable Thing Ever

This dog hates mornings just as much you do. Cleo, the adorable pit bull puppy in this video, just wants to sleep. Anyone who has ever been a little sleep deprived can relate. When you’re as tired as Cleo, the last thing you want to hear is an alarm clock—or an annoying human prodding you to wake up.

It’s actually impressive how much Cleo can block out every noise, movement, or sleep disruption. That would be an awesome trick to learn for long flights with screaming babies.

Life is rough when you’re that little, and it’s super important to catch up on all that valuable sleep—you know, for all of the puppy adventures that are out there to do. After all, that fire hydrant isn’t going to sniff itself.

One thing is certain— this little pup isn’t waking up for anything. Check it out!