Man Accused of Purposely Infecting At Least Two Dozen with HIV

A man has been accused of purposely infecting with HIV men throughout California, in San Diego, Fresno and possibly San Francisco.

San Diego prosecutors are building a case against 29-year-old Thomas Guerra, who they insist had at least 24 victims. He is also known to go by the name Ashton Chavez. Prosecutors he knowingly had sex with other men without telling them he was HIV positive.

Guerra pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge but is now scheduled to return to court when prosecutors find additional charges to level against him. It’s believed that Guerra is the great nephew of the famous labor leader Caesar Chavez.

One San Francisco resident, who wished to remain unnamed, said he remembered dating him for four months in Fresno. During the four months, he said, Guerra assured him he was HIV negative. Later, the former boyfriend found he was now HIV positive and went to contact Guerra about it.

“He pushed me away,” he said. “He was very hostile. We exchanged four or five messages before he blocked me on Facebook and refused to have contact with me.”

The case came to the attention of San Diego prosecutors when one of his victims approached them about pressing chargers. The victim, who also wished to remain anonymous, said there could be hundreds victimized by Guerra. Documents have revealed the Guerra’s texts in which he brags about infecting others.

Guerra is likely to face felony charges in the near future if the allegations are true.