‘Pursenality’ – What Your Purse Says About You

Ladies, let’s be honest.

You can’t deny that the handbag and purse you’re carrying is an essential, if not crucial, extension of your identity. You hold it close, near and dear for a reason,  having spent hours upon hours picking this month’s “the one.” But, before you spend more precious time, money, and effort picking out the next one that “completes you,” it’s essential you know what your purse says about you. First to Know put together a list of different styles of handbags to help with some self reflection before you say “I do” to the wrong one.

Classically Chanel
This classic Chanel bag is one with many fake and real variations. It’s the classy-yet-glamorous handbag that classy-yet-glamorous Victoria Beckham can pull off. Sporting this kind of purse generally means you hold yourself to high standards or high income. Expect to attract a man with an equally stunning watch and/or cuff links.

A real social scenester needs a fun clutch. Just remember that the only things fitting in one, while in your hand on a dance floor, should be an identification card, a credit card and/or some cash, along with a phone, mints and lip gloss. Why’s that? If you’re “clutching” on to one of these, expect to be “clutched” by a fellow looking for fun on the dance floor. You don’t need the weight of more baggage anyway.

Proficiently Professional
To some people, this top-handled, compartmentalized, dark purse screams, “Too busy!” The truth is, you’re a busy professional and want people to know that you work hard. While the purse can look uptight, serious and overly organized, try it in various colors to show your fun side. Perfect for a power player in the office or dinner, but stow it when meeting a date.

Cali Casual
You want to look casual, but at the same time let people know there’s a bit of “bling” backing it up. With these big bags you have all the time in the world to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and live in an endlessly sunny world. In fashion, that’s called “California Chic,” and sporting a purse like that suggests you’re relaxed, calm, and always up for some fun.

Artsy and Free
These purses, often featuring many colors or faded leather, don’t always have a brand name but they present a youthful free spirit. And while they wouldn’t always work on a business lunch or sophisticated evening out, they do embrace a sense of whimsy that can sometimes be missing from women’s fashion. Embrace your free spirit and be surprised by how many people embrace it back.