Put Your Cool Dog in a Kooldog House

Dog owners who love their home décor sometimes run into a slight conflict with their favorite pet pooch– namely, how to comfortably and stylishly house it. Sure, some folks have no problem with letting the clever canine crawl under the covers or rest on their couch, but for those folks who also want their best buddy to have a sleep space of his own, they’re pretty much limited to big overstuffed pillows masquerading as beds.

No more! Canadian company Kooldog has created an awesome doghouse that’s got great contemporary design in two sleek, stylish sizes. These long boxes have a Mid-Century feel– super popular right now– and come in various wood laminate finishes, with a washable micro suede-covered foam cushions; they even have a crate door option if you use them.

Stylish, sleek, and so simple it’s a pretty genius, the Kooldog House design can work for most any home. The wood laminate veneers are available in Madagascar, Colombian Walnut or River Cherry and the cushions come in taupe, camel or natural. It’s  made of durable powder coated metal that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.

Check out the cool product shots (sorry, sexy models and cute critters not included with purchase) and we have sizing and pricing listing at the bottom.

The coolest dog house you could buy for your pet.

Stylish dog house you could buy for your pet.

Cool dog house from CanaDa

The coolest dog house you could get for your pet.