Are You Smart Enough To Read This Book? You Have To Solve A Puzzle To Turn The Page!


Crowdsourcing platforms have lead to an abundance of weird and wonderful creations being realised in recent years, and designer Brady Whitney is hoping his unique invention will be next! He came up with the idea for an interactive book that requires a puzzle to be solved before the reader can move on to the next page – and is hoping to raise a total of $300,000 to produce a limited quantity of the product.


The Codex Silenda is a unique book made of wood and rigged with puzzles that the reader will have to solve in order to gain access to the next page. Though a book of puzzles may not be a new concept, the nature of this particular book is definitely one of a kind. The puzzles are designed with a number of interlocking bolts that the reader will have to unlock in order to read the next page. It takes an individual’s wits and determination to complete the book, and the sense of fulfilment that follows afterwards will be very satisfying!


The story within the pages is an intriguing one as well, which is another perk of the Codex Silenda. The main character is an apprentice of the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci who comes across a similar codex as that of the book. In this case however, the codex acts as a trap that has been set by Da Vinci to capture any spying apprentices who may attempt to get their hands on his work. The apprentice now finds himself in a dilemma of having to solve the codex before his master’s arrival. Failure to do so would lead to his exposure and probably unfavorable results.


The Codex Silenda consists of five pages and puzzles that keep the reader entertained as they try to solve the various problems put to them at each stage. The fact that the reader is solving the same codex as that of the character serves to add a sense of excitement to the activity as one delves actively into the storyline through trying to solve the puzzles. The puzzles are different in nature and require different acts to unlock the bolts that restrict access to the page. This ensures that one does not get bored due to the monotony of solving the same kind of problem a number of times.

The names of the puzzles that are found in the Codex Silinda are:

  1. The mechanical iris
  2. The rotating maze
  3. Geneva gears
  4. Paradox sliders
  5. Cryptex lock


The crafting of this unique book is done through the use of laser cutting technology and is put together by hand. For more information on the book visit its Kickstarter page.

All images courtesy of Brady Whitney via Kickstarter