PUZZLED: We Bet Kids Can Solve This Puzzle Faster Than You Can!

According to ChinaSmack, the above puzzle is given to elementary-aged school children when they apply for admission in Hong Kong.

ChinaSmack reports that a college professor shared the puzzle with her PHD students and it took most of them half the day to figure it out. On the other hand, it takes the average high school student several minutes to solve the problem and elementary students just seconds.

Why is this? 

Dr. David Whitebread of Cambridge University told i100, the puzzle is a “good example of how children are much more flexible than than adults in their thinking and how, sadly, we often knock this out of them in school.”

Want to know the answer for the puzzle? It’s actually extremely easy when you see it from the right perspective. Simply, spot the front of the car and look at the parking spots from the driver’s perspective. In other words, read it upside down. You’ll quickly notice that the car sits in parking spot number 87. That’s the answer!

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