Did NASA Find a Pyramid on Mars Built By an Ancient Civilization?

NASA revealed images captured by the Curiosity Rover that indicate there is a perfectly formed pyramid on Mars, and conspiracy theorists believe the object is no coincidence.

Before we all start getting wild and crazy over this discovery, it’s important that we realize one fact. This rock formation is not the size of the Gaza pyramids, instead, it is estimated to be the size of a car.

The above video explains what conspiracy theorists have concluded about the pyramid. It offers up a number of ideas as to what it could be — the top of a larger pyramid, a gravesite, a marker of sorts, and more.

ParanormalCrucible asserts the “near perfect design and shape” means the object is “the result of the intelligent design and certainly not a trick of light and shadow.”

What do you think? Check the video out and let us know!