Missing Cat Found in Python’s Stomach in Owner’s Garden

Imagine that your cat goes missing. Sad, right? Now, imagine finding a bulging snake’s carcass with your dead cat’s face peeking out of its stomach. That’s just plain brutal, and it’s exactly what happened to Francis Bakvis.

Bakvis found his beloved Tiger, his pet of 16 years, inside a python that also apparently died right after over-indulging on the pet.

A foul odor initially lead Bakvis to find the bloated python in his own garden.

“I pulled the dead snake on to the lawn, and a bit of its skin was already decomposing,” Bakvis said. “I could see: there was my cat.”

In the 15 years that he’s lived there, Bakvis had never seen pythons on his property in Queensland, Australia. We hope he never sees one again.


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