WATCH: Python Swallows Enormous Possum Whole After Hunting It Down

Nature is a funny thing — and it’s also pretty grim sometimes. Snakes, for one, never cease to amaze us with their ability to inhale animals much bigger than they are. What you see in the video above is no exception. Ah — a bloodless kill!

In the footage the snake is taking its time swallowing a possum bigger than its own head, one inch at a time. You can’t expect the python to swallow an entire possum in one gulp, can you? No, eating an animal nearly twice your size takes time.

Be sure to get up close to your monitor to watch this possum get sucked in because even though the videographer Pauline Gulleford did an amazing job of filming this, she naturally had to keep her distance.

Gulleford found the diamond back python digesting the possum for over an hour out the back of her house in Australia.