Quokkas: Why These Strange Little Creatures Are the Best Animals to Take Selfies With

Taking selfies with animals is typically not the best idea in the world. They can be unpredictable and like the poor kid who damn near got his face ripped off while taking pictures with a squirrel, they can pose a danger to you. Then there’s the possibility you’ve got yourself a camera shy animal who won’t give you anything but a bunch of blurry images.

That’s where the quokka comes in. The Aussie marsupial, described as a cross between a cat-sized squirrel and a rat, has been gaining popularity among selfie-obsessed millennials who can’t get enough of it’s cartoon like face and ever-present smile. The little guy was even given the title of the “Happiest Animal in the World” by The Huffington Post back in 2013 due to its pleasant facial expressions.

Now people have picked up on the fact that Quokkas are also the most agreeable animals in the world to take pictures with. Not only do they have the face for it, but they stop long enough to look at and pose for the camera. The result is selfie gold.

Need proof? Check out the #quokkaselfie images above and see for yourself.