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Parakeet Does the Perfect R2-D2 Impression

This little blue parakeet does the most impressive R2-D2 impression out there–look out Kenny Baker! Birds are known to pick up and mimic distinct sounds and phrases that they hear around them—parrots in particular are skillfully adept at the talent.

The tiny handful of feathers—appropriately named Bluey—was hand-raised by the seven-year-old daughter of Carli Jeffrey. The bird even matches R2’s color scheme! Jeffrey posted to YouTube a video of the bird mimicking the famous Star Wars droid. It’s a near-constant stream of squeaks and beeps, and Bluey even knows how to replicate the astromech droid’s screaming noise.

Bluey was the family’s first parakeet—a type of small parrot that is also known as a budgie. Jeffrey describes Bluey as a curious bird who loves to copy sounds. She explained the family played clips of R2-D2 sounds four or five times, and Bluey picked it up almost immediately.

Although it’s a pretty neat trick, Bluey’s obsession with repeating back the iconic droid bleeps and bloops is starting to drive his family—and fellow cage inhabitants—a little nuts.

“He drives us crazy!” Jeffrey wrote.

While their other birds have started to copy Bluey’s impression, they can only do a few seconds as opposed to his lengthy stream of chirps.

Check out Bluey in the video above to see his talented mimicry.

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