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The Virgin Who Looked & Felt Pregnant But Actually Had a Deadly Disease

Feeling bloated and not well, 18-year-old Riley Benado went to the doctors on September 14th. Although she is a virgin medical officials gave her a pregnancy test because her belly was so bloated making her look as though she was five months pregnant. The test came out negative despite the fact she was having pregnant-like symptoms.


It wasn’t until many tests and 10 days later that Riley’s doctors got back to her with the results. Her gynecologist explained to her that she has an 11 by 13 centimeter mass on one of her ovaries, but since it was so large it affected both of them.

Riley and her family created a GoFundMe page in order to help raise money for all of her treatments, it is on that page where she expressed how she felt going through the process.

“Never did I think that at only 18 years old I would be battling such a brutal disease.”

“I have always dreamed of having my own children and raising a family. I love kids so much, so to know I will never have a child with my own genes and my own characteristics breaks me down.”

Just 10 days after her first visit, Riley was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer, and three days after that on September 26th she went into surgery where she had multiple tumors, her appendix and an ovary removed.

While cells from the tumors are being still sent out to labs to be tested, Riley is recovering from the operation. You can keep up with her journey on her Rally for Riley GoFundMe page.

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