Stranger Picks Up Tab for Autistic Students

Students from Matthew Jego Elementary have enjoyed field trips to places like the fire department and the mall to visit Santa Claus, but have never experienced anything like what happened on May 6th.

Matthew Jego Elementary is a school recognized for its special education program that offers academic guidance, social interdependence and extracurricular activities.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo and National Teacher Appreciation Day, 21 staff members and 26 children headed to Jose Tejas Restaurant in Sewaren, New Jersey, for a little Mexican food feast. After their hearty meal and lots of fun conversation, the teachers asked for the bill, only to find out that their $485 tab had already been paid for by a generous customer.

matthew jega

The teachers later found out that the patron who footed their bill is actually a grandmother of a child with autism and a loyal customer of the restaurant.

Even with all of the publicity this random act of kindness has received, the woman still wishes to remain anonymous, hoping that people will recognize that simple good deeds really can go a long way.

When the teachers discovered their hefty bill had been taken care of, they all began to cry.

Parents of the children responded with similar sentiments, saying “God bless this kind stranger” and “this is amazing.”

To express their own gratitude, the children put together a card with their names on it and notes like “your act of generosity will forever be embedded in our hearts,” which the restaurant owner hand-delivered to the patron.

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