Murderer and Rapist Granted Euthanasia, Escapes Serving Life Sentence in Prison

The BBC reports that 50-year-old murderer and rapist Frank Van Den Bleeken will escape serving his life sentence in prison. In a landmark ruling out of Belgium, Van Den Bleeken will be allowed to have doctors euthanize him.

In the 1980’s, he was sentenced to a life behind bars after repeat rape convictions and a rape-murder.

According to Van Den Bleeken, he is unable to control his sickening sexual urges, which constantly cause him “unbearable psychological anguish.”

He first asked to be euthanized in 2011, but his request was denied by Belgium’s Federal Euthanasia Commission. Three years later, the courts are finally allowing him to end his life.

The prisoner will be transported to a hospital where doctors will carry out the procedure.

The sisters of one of Van Den Bleeken’s victims do not understand how the system could let this happen.

“Let him rot in his cell,” they said, as quoted by Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad.

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