Rapper ‘DMX’ Charged for Possession of Marijuana

Well-known  hip-hop rapper, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was arrested and charged on Tuesday in South Carolina for the possession of marijuana.

He was in the passenger seat of a truck that was pulled over due to improper lane changes. Police found three bags of marijuana while searching the car and arrested the rapper before he was supposed to appear in court for a different charge. Simmons had been arrested and charged for drunk driving two days prior.

Simmons told the police about medical conditions that entitled him to the possession of marijuana. Emergency Medical Services were called to check his records and he was cleared.

He is due to appear in court today in Greenville, South Carolina, for his drunk driving charge, as well as failing to provide the police with a valid driver’s license.

Since Simmons has become a public figure, he has built up quite a rap sheet.  In addition to the current charges (some go as far back as 1998), DMX has been charged for such crimes as animal cruelty, drug possession, and unlicensed driving.