RARE PHOTOS: Interiors of Iranian Mosque Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Editor’s Note: We originally posted these images last summer and have gotten requests on our Facebook page to re-post the story, so here you go. 

Many mosques impose pretty serious restrictions on photography within their walls, particularly the more historic, often prettier structures dotting the Middle East. So these Iranian mosques photos you have the privilege to click through in the slide show above are a rare treat.

You can see the little-seen sights courtesy of architectural photographer Mohammad Domiri from Northern Iran. He was granted access to some of the most beautiful mosques throughout the nation, and the photos he took are stunning, thanks to both the intricated architecture, stained glass windows, and Domiri’s own techniques, including a super wide-angle lens.

Middle Eastern architecture is characterized by spiraling columns and gently curved archways, but easily the most striking thing is the endlessly intricate detail put into each inch of the mosques’ interiors.

Click through the Iranian mosques photos above and enjoy. For more of Domiri’s photography, visit his website here.

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