WATCH: Rat Runs on Escalator Like a Treadmill

This isn’t some crazy story about an infestation, or a sad commentary on the state of our society. This is just a silly little video of a silly little thing that happened, and now us silly little internet people will watch it to lessen the pain of our silly little lives.

On a Los Angeles subway last year, some lucky riders took a video of a rat using the rail of an escalator to get some exercise, like a treadmill. He needed it, too — just look at those hips! Perhaps he got intimidated by all the fit bodies running around the City of Angels — who can say?

The video is strangely hilarious for such a simple concept, and we got plenty of good laughs and simple delight watching the little rat scurrying, the crowd gathering to watch, and finally one bystander putting a stop to the whole thing. It’s amazing how in other circumstances people would be screaming in fear / disgust at this guy, but because it’s so odd they’ll just gather and watch — and shoot the latest viral video.

Check him out and enjoy.