WATCH: Rats Run Up Hole In Kitchen Ceiling After Lights Are Turned On

WARNING: This is possibly the creepiest, freakiest, most vile video you will see this week. In our minds, it’s even creepier than watching Dr. Pimple Popper work her magic on a puss-filled bump.

The video features a person who sneaks into what looks like a restaurant kitchen. He or she has his / her camera phone running. Once the lights are turned on, you see a massive hoard of rats running wild — scurrying across the floor and up a pipe into the kitchen ceiling.

How the person doesn’t freak out is beyond us. Not only to the long-tailed furry fiends move their fat little bodies at a pace that makes you think they’re going to leap off and onto the camera, but they let out this high-pitched squeaking noise that’s like fingernails on a chalk board. (Just typing that sentence gave us the chills.) We just wish we knew where this was shot so that we could tell you which restaurant to avoid; according to The Mirror, it’s someplace in California, but we don’t know how they came to that conclusion.

But the worst part? We can’t stop watching it! Check it out and let us know: Do you think it’s cool or creep? Are you freaked out or fascinated?

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