READ: Mom Writes Scathing Letter to Airport After They Force Her to Trash Breast Milk

mom writes letter about confiscated breast milk

Jessica Martinez is livid after she was forced to dump 500 ounces of breast milk, which equates to two weeks of food, in the trash at Heathrow Airport in London.

She was so frustrated and demoralized by what happened that she wrote this scathing letter and shared it on Facebook.

Martinez also has claimed that security officials weren’t open to compromising at all. She asked if she could dump the liquid milk she had on hand and be able to keep the frozen block she had packed.

Officials told her they wouldn’t budge due to the limit for liquids in carry-on luggage at UK airports, which is 100ml. Larger amounts are required to be checked in.

In the U.S. things are a bit different. The TSA allows for baby formula, breast milk and juice to be carried on in larger quantities.

Martinez is convinced that the U.K. needs to think more about the challenges that mothers face while traveling and make their lives easier.

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