Read the Harsh Note Friends Sent to Their Annoying Mom Friend

We all have that one friend on Facebook—the first-time parent who over shares pictures and updates of their baby. Everything the kid does is special and extraordinary to them—from baby’s first sneeze, to the first time they wear a new pair of socks.

There are certainly a few choice words we might secretly want to say to these parents about their annoying habits—but we don’t, because sometimes it’s better to spare people’s feelings.

One group of friends held no punches when they actually went through with sending one new mom a super harsh letter. In the note sent to Jade Ruthven, the anonymous friends made it clear in no uncertain terms just how annoyed they are by her and her six-month-old daughter.

The “friends” wrote that they are “SO OVER” her constant baby updates, and that she should be more discerning with what she shares with everyone. In one line, they even write that they can’t wait for her to return to work because maybe she “won’t have time to be on Facebook quite so much.”

Here is the entire note:


Ruthven, 33, told iVillage that at first she thought it was a mean-spirited joke, and called the senders gutless for leaving the letter unsigned.

She said she decided to share the note to stand up for other mothers who might be judged for sharing the little joys of parenting.

Despite the mean-spirited letter, Ruthven said she’s been overwhelmed by the support she’s received after sharing the harsh words.

“I have been part of two FB mothers groups,” she said. “The ladies in these groups are amazing and great support network. They were all totally disgusted in the letter and went on a mission to share it around to show their support. To be honest this has totally backfired on the people who planned to knock me down as I have never felt so strong and loved!”