‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion Catfight Ends in Battery Charge

Crazy things are always happening on reality television shows, especially during reunion tapings.

When Bravo aired the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s reunion on Sunday night, all hell broke loose.

While we’re familiar with the show’s over-the-top physical brawls and priceless one-liners, we weren’t quite expecting Porsha Williams to pounce on Kenya Moore the way she did.

Then again, Moore did use a bullhorn to call Williams out during the taping, accusing her of fooling around on her ex-husband.

But did Moore deserve to have Williams yank on her hair and slam her to the ground?

Looks like that’ll be up to authorities to decide.

Shortly following the incident, Moore called 911 and reported the catfight to the police. Before and arrest could be made, Williams decided to turn herself in and is being charged with battery.

If you missed the reunion, you can watch some of the ridiculous scenes above.

Wait a minute, why are we watching this garbage?