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The Real-Life Popeye: Meet the Man Who Grew 29-Inch Biceps in Two Months

It’s no secret that people will do crazy things to get the body they want. From extreme plastic surgeries, to unheard-of weight-loss methods and more, it seems there’s no end to the demand for a quick fix.

One recent player in the instant gratification game is a man being hailed as the real life Popeye. Meet Arlindo “the Mountain” de Souza, a Brazilian bodybuilder who achieved 29-inch supersized biceps thanks to a powerful and dangerous mix of mineral oil and alcohol.

The 43-year-old risked infection, amputation and even death by injecting the cocktail into his arms for two months to make them bigger without working out.

He explained in an interview with Barcroft Media, “You inject it and it swells you up without having to work out. Each time I took it I wanted more and more.”

And that’s what he did for two months but after experiencing the death of a friend who was shooting up alongside him, he’s pulled back. De Souza says even though he’s stopped taking this and other muscle enhancers such as horse vitamins and steroids, that “there is always that will to start again.”

Check out the real-life Popeye below.

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