Real T-Rex Bones Found for Sale on eBay

Dinosaur-lovers looking to take their fandom to a new level now have the ability to purchase the bones of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex on eBay.

“Today I will remove my 68 million year old 4 year old T-Rex Fossil that has been on display at the Museum for the past two years,” tweeted the owner of the bones, Alan Detrich on April 10th.

Detrich — who was one of People Magazine’s “Top Bachelors” in 2001 — claims to have been a fossil hunter for about 30 years now. He uncovered this baby T-Rex skeleton in 2013 at a property he owns called “Hell’s Creek” in Jordan, Montana.

In 2017 the bones were donated to be part of an exhibit at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, but have since been taken down due to the eBay listing.

The museum believes that Detrich is now trying to capitalize on their use of the bones in their exhibit and tweeted out an official statement on the bones. “The specimen on exhibit-loan to us has been removed from exhibit and is being returned to the owner,” the tweet said. “We have asked that the owner remove any association with us from his sale.”

Scientists around the world are calling on Detrich to donate the fossils to science for study, saying they shouldn’t be sold to some billionaire to use as a living room decoration.

The first page of the letter from the SVP regarding Detrich’s eBay listing.

“Only casts and other replicas of vertebrate fossils should be traded, not the fossils themselves,” read a letter from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. “Mr. Detrich has tried to capitalize on the museum’s good faith by using the exhibition and scientific attention as selling points.”

“Well, I own this thing,” said Detrich in response to the backlash from the scientific community. “It is mine. I can do whatever I want.”

“We feel it’s MORE important for the World to be able to view and enjoy this (and all Artifacts) rather than a select view who can make it to the museum,” Detrich’s eBay listing says in the description. “Many Paleo’s think this may be The ‘ONLY’ T-REX Youth in the World!”

The display from the exhibit where the T-Rex bones were featured at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum.
Image from eBay listing.

How much will a baby T-Rex skeleton run up your credit card? Just a cool $2.95 million to “buy it now.” There are currently no bids at the time of writing the article, but the auction has about 6,000 watchers. You can see the listing for yourself by clicking here.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next lucky owner of an ancient 4-year-old T-Rex skeleton.

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