Reasons Your Girlfriends Don’t Like Your Boyfriend

Isn’t funny how we can fall head-over-heels for a guy and balk when our friends don’t see what we see? It could be love is blinding you from his flaws, or maybe your friends have higher expectations for who they think your soulmate should be. Below is a list of reasons why you might think your guy is hot, but your friends think he’s definitely not!

1. He doesn’t make an effort to get to know them
Your friends should want to be on good terms with everyone important in your life, and your boyfriend is no exception. If he makes no effort to hang out with them in a group environment, or encourages you to ditch plans with them to hang out with him instead, your friends will take an instant disliking to him. To get everyone on the same page, consider plannng a meet up with a few of your friends and a few of his. This way he can get to know your friends and vice versa in a neutral setting. Who knows–maybe one of your friends will have a spark with one of his–can you say double date possibilities??

2. He wears the same clothes every time they seem him
You may know your new boy toy owns five sets of his favorite band’s t-shirts, but to your friends this just appears to be a poor hygeine problem. Resist the urge to defend his fashion choices and assure your friends he showers on a daily basis (you hope). Once you two hit the “one month anniversary” hurdle, consider getting him some new apparel to liven things up and broaden his fashion choices. You’re not trying to change him, you’re simply offering him more choices of what to wear. That’s your reasoning and you’re sticking to it, right?

3. He cancels plans with you last minute all the time
Sometimes, emergencies come up and canceling is unavoidable. But, if this starts to become a weekly routine (or more!) your friends are right to suspect your bf’s motives. There’s nothing worse than an undependable guy…except an untrustworthy one! If your guy’s excuses sound sketchy (his mother is sick, he has to mow the lawn, he has to take a double shift at work for the third night in a row) trust your friends instincts (and your own!) and toss this fish back in the ocean.

4. They’re jealous you have someone new in your life
A lot of girls have the unattractive habit of ditching their friends when a new guy comes into the picture. Don’t be this girl! You will regret it. Know that saying, “Guys comes and go, but friends are for life”? There’s something to it. Chances are you and your high school boyfriend are kaput. But, your high school friends? You probably still stay in touch with at least one of them. So, do yourself a favor and balance friend time and boyfriend time. If a breakup does happen, it’s your friends who you’ll be reliant on for tissues and ice cream.

There’s no reason you can’t have a man in your life and a group of close girlfriends–and the right guy for you will understand your need for girl time, just as you’ll understand his need for guy’s poker night, right? So, listen to your girlfriends if they just can’t stand the new guy you’re seeing. Chances are they have a more objective viewpoint on him, and can offer you insight into a side of him you may be in denial from seeing.